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Discover What to do When You’re Bored at Home During Football Season

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Bored during football

It’s that season again.  Football.  For many folks the upcoming football season heralds the opportunity to travel, try new recipes for tailgating, shop for a new outfit to wear to the game, and look forward to reacquainting with old friends and making new ones.  But, for others, the season is not quite so thrilling – especially when you don’t understand the game or simply just don’t like football.  Let me help you discover what to do when you’re bored at home and your hubby (probably with friends) is watching the game.


As a small child, I can remember watching my grandfather watch Sunday afternoon wrestling after the television became more widely owned by private households back in the 1960’s.  He would literally sit on the edge of the sofa and throw punches as he watched the game and be perfectly oblivious to anything else happening around him. It totally escaped him that he was providing great entertainment to his bewildered grandchildren.  That memory, forever engraved in my mind, is my classic visual of how some men (and some women) get so involved in watching a television football game. For them, it is a living experience to be savored…complete with cheering, high-fiving and refreshments…all in the comfort of a controlled climate, comfy couch and a nearby bathroom.

Therefore, knowing that television football is scheduled a year in advance, there’s really no excuse for the less-than-enthusiastic partner not being able to plan ahead.  Working out a strategy for the unexpected game is also a great idea and in fact, can become just as exciting as planning a mini-vacation … all the while sitting right next to your football enthused beloved ensuring him/her that you are right there with them in the experience.

Operationally,  it is best advised that you begin game day preparations with enthusiasm, assure the refreshments are ready, the bathroom has toilet paper, and that you attempt to consciously watch at least the first five minutes of the game and respond with a smile at the appropriate touchdowns.  Five minutes into the game, you can safely begin to “exit” their game and begin your own!


Advance planning is required for game day in order to successfully avoid being disgruntled, bored at home, and (heaven forbid) fall asleep during the game.  Of course, if your partner falls asleep first you are then allowed to proceed with whatever activity you find interesting.  So here are some ideas for preparation:

FOODTasty Game Snacks

Beginning around August, every woman’s magazine on the shelf will have recipes for the inevitable, picture-worthy offerings that can be prepared for game day.  From sliders, to snacks, to the best sips including disposable plates, napkins and cups to memorialize the occasion will appear out of nowhere.  I suggest shopping the Dollar Tree, Dollar General or Walmart since the indoor fan is more likely interested in the game than the decor.

Shop midweek to Friday since food stores will be catering to the indoor sports enthusiast just prior to major sporting events. Select one or two menu items sure to interest him/her but mainly focus on new recipes you’d like to try.  If you don’t cook, peruse the aisles of an upscale supermarket and choose from enticing ready-made choices of your liking.  You may even want to clean up one or two dishes from your mom or grandmother’s inherited china to use for yourself as a decadent touch.


Being prepared for the inevitable can be used to your mental advantage. An upcoming game day is a sure excuse to forego weekly cleaning of the viewing area since you’ll likely need to vacuum or mop and wipe up after the game concludes.  You’ve now saved yourself the angst of being upset about cleaning twice!  I suggest preparing a “game basket” containing paper towels, tissues, Wet Wipes, aspirin/acetaminophen/ibuprofen tablets, his/her favorite blanket/cover, comfy pillow, game schedule, bottle opener, matches/ashtray, and any special game toys necessary to ensure full visual participation in the game;  store away for use at the next game.  Assure the temperature is regulated prior to the game and that lights are turned on in the bathroom for small children in the event you haven’t found a babysitter.


This idea is a gift that keeps on giving!  Fake it! You really only need to know four key players on both teams to be able to state who your favorite player is, boo at the appropriate times, and at least be able to state which teams are playing:Who's this guy?

  • The Quarterback,
  • the best player on defense (your team),
  • the best player on offense (the other team),
  • and the fellow everyone blames everything on (either team).


Now that you’ve prepared for the football enthusiast, it’s time to settle on your own game plan and execute your strategy.  Here are some tips for maintaining your sanity:

  1. Find a book or magazine you’ve been dying to read and haven’t had the chance and have it at hand.
  2. Obtain supplies and instructions and learn a handcraft such as knitting or crochet you’d like to learn.
  3. Browse the multitudes of apps and games for your tablet or phone. Download in advance.  After all, when else would you have time to sit and play a video game or even look at Pinterest for a couple of hours?
  4. Perhaps music is your interest;  invest in a great set of earphones and download music to your heart’s content…just remember not to sing too loudly while listening!
  5. Choose menus items that take a really long time to eat…like an Italian ice!  You can actually look at the TV and try to spot interesting folks in the crowd.
  6. Get a pad of paper and plan a dream vacation, remodel the apartment/house, or redesign your wardrobe.  (Shopping allowed – leave your credit cards in another room)
  7. Sign up with a great program for making money while you wait for the game to end by taking surveys.  Instead of just sitting there – make a little cash on the side with programs like Swagbucks or PaidViewpoint .


Even if you do not enjoy the actual game, perk up and find a way to enjoy yourself; there’s really no excuse for being bored when you’re at home and your partner is watching TV football.   Your partner will appreciate your effort and you may actually find that you enjoy the time together.  Get into the spirit of the game and even try engaging.  After all,  it’s only a couple of hours.

Enjoying Time Together








5 thoughts on “Discover What to do When You’re Bored at Home During Football Season

  1. Even I am a big fan of football sometimes i get bored during the football season. In that case I like to to go out with my girlfriend or my best friends and have fun. I found your tips very helpful and what I most like that you describe is food section. We all like to eat and we can forget about everything when nice recipes are in front of us. Great article friend.

  2. Thanks for posting! I find your tips extremely practical and useful. When it comes to being prepared, that’s something that can be applied to just about any related situation. When my kids have their BFFs in for a sleepover, they spend quite a bit of time together playing video games on their I-pads. The same snacks and support approach can work for me in this context: prepare a delicious spread, and then spend some time seriously paying attention to what the kids are playing, and try and understand it. The kids appreciate when we, as adults, try and understand without judging, their emerging and evolving worlds. 

    Your article has given me a lot of food for thought…over a snack! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Unlike most of my friends, I am not a fan of football and honestly, I don’t understand anything about it. Usually, I keep my self busy with other stuff. I just watch a move or read online articles on Medium. But in some occasions I have to join my friends and that is when I fake it and just try to engage.

    As long as the match is not very serious nobody cares but when the match is serious, I just don’t engage and see how it goes to not make everybody angry :))



  4. Interesting article, like Ceasar said, “Give them bread and play.” Who cares about what Trump is doing while everyone is busy watching the game and eating their favourite snacks. LOL. I enjoyed reading your article just to get an insight into another culture. Interestingly a ‘tailgater’ in Australia is someone who drives close behind another car in traffic.

    1. In the US tailgating also refers to someone who drives close behind another vehicle. But in this context, it refers to a type of party that only occurs during/while football season is going on! I understand from another Australian commenter that tailgating used to occur in your country as well, but has since fallen out of practice!

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